Monday 6 December, 22:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 64 min.
Petra Stipetic, Maren Wiese
Germany, Croatian
8 min.

jeijay begins where most romantic movies end. The film is about two people who try to repress the slow but inevitable decay of their relationship. Feeling isolated in their own little home, more and more of the happy facade of their love life comes crumbling down. The profound melancholia of the subject is captured in little everyday moments that are intertwined with dreamlike sequences.

Diogo Costa Amarante
19 min.

On a rainy night, a sad man leaves his home to deliver a letter to someone who recently left him. At a corner, he meets a woman who warns him about the slippery road. This is how I met Diana. Suffering from a heartbreak, Gonçalo falls from his motorbike.

Carlos Saiz
3 min.

Muerte Murciélago is the only child born in La Bahía. Used to living as an adult from a very young age, he will soon begin to imagine a future beyond the town limits.

Concha Barquero y Alejandro Alvarado
21 min.

In 2016, we visited Filmoteca Española (Spanish Cinémathèque) in search of information for a research project on the documentary film “Rocío”, which had been censored in the early 1980s. Among the materials deposited in its warehouses 260 rolls of 16 mm negative were kept. They were the outtakes from the editing, footage that was left out of the final version. The forgotten images of a banned film come to life on the screen after 40 years.

Aitor Oñederra
14 min.

I couldn’t tell anyone about it. I was all alone.