Friday 3 December, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 70 min.
Teo Planell, Alejandra Kikidis
15 min.

Álex, de diecisiete años, trabaja en el videoclub de su padre. Desde el mostrador observa la vida pasar, como cada día. Pero una tarde, Fátima, de su misma edad, entra para alquilar tres películas.

Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado
3 min.

The aftermath of a head injury is lived, by those affected, as a true nightmare. Thanks to the invaluable work of all the professionals who work in the Sim-patía project, the patients regain all the autonomy of which they are capable of and together with their families they find a new balance.

Rodolfo H. Molina
Spain, Portugal
14 min.

There are paths with only one destination: PERDITION

Miguel Parra
13 min.

What men talk at the gym´s locker room, stays at the gym´s locker room… Or not if it goes out of control.

Teresa Marcos
25 min.

Breast Pathology is an intimate portrait which sheds light into the relationship between women and their breasts. Throughout several years of recording, Olgha Montero Arce, a painter and actress, remembers her adolescence trying to hide her total absence of breasts, her happiness thanks to implants and, again, the suffering of concealing a disfigured breast after having it damaged in a mammogram.