Wednesday 8 December, 22:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 86 min.

Dedicated to new creators of Spanish and Colombian cinema, and which is programmed jointly between the two festivals.

Mariana Saffon
Colombia, USA
20 min.

At fifteen, Milagros’ world still revolves around her mother’s affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question their relationship and her own existence.

María Cristina Pérez González
10 min.

The youngest daughter of a family of sloths rebuilds her parents and three sibling’s story. Behind the normality of a family, the wild spirit appears in everyday life details, turning into untameable memories.

Victoria Rivera
USA, Colombia
12 min.

Three teenage girls break into a shut down pool, but when uninvited guests show up, their friendship is tested and forever tainted.

Lucía Aleñar Iglesias
20 min.

Spending her summer in Mallorca, Antonia comes to recognize the latent similarities between her and her dead grandmother, and discovers a power over her mourning grandfather. She can’t resist playing dress-up, but it becomes unclear who is inhabiting who.

Leticia Torres
11 min.

Fabulous is the story of a daughter arriving to her parents‘ house in her hometown, trying to escape from the anxious ‘bug’ that stalks her. When she arrives, she is forced to face the biggest mirror in her life: her father. Daughter and father have a lot of pain inside them. They desperately and intimately seek for this feeling to disappear, at least for a little while. For that to take place, they rely on any type of anesthetic that helps them disconnect and embrace a temporary pleasure. However, neither of them want to see it, either in their own selves or in the other’s reflection. The best thing is for things to be FABULOUS, all the time.

Begoña Arostegui
13 min.

For our hero, every day looks the same. Or maybe they are too much alike: the same routines repeated over and over again. One day, a simple board that says “Park” will make everything shake.