Countryside 2

Sunday 5 December, 16:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 75 min.
Genoveva Diaz Sañudo, Pepa Miñarro
4 min.

We present the creation of a labyrinth type Cretan as it dates from Crete in the eighth century BC and came to northern Spain with the Roman centurions, in a rural area at the foot of Mount Bernorio, which was inhabited by the Celts Cantabrians.
It combines in this space the cultivation of medicinal herbs, with permaculture designs, collection and transformation of crops. It is a path of meditation, dance, listening and work, which puts us in contact with the directions of the universe and the elements air, fire, water and earth, thus enhancing our senses.

Lucas del Fresno
26 min.

Pedro, a foreign worker in Switzerland, has to take a cow to the slaughterhouse while its mother is dying in a Spanish hospital.

Rafa Arroyo
14 min.

Even if the wounds of the past are closed and you forgive all those who have hurt you, the pain always remains in your heart. An intimate portrait of María José Arroyo’s life, tracing the scars of her past and discovering the medicine of her soul.

Eduardo del Llano
30 min.

Cuba, 1961. Literacy Campaign has just began, and hundreds of poor peasants are learning how to read and to write. Felipe, a young and idealist brigadista, arrives to the hut of a very humble family in the middle of nowhere, ready to teach them. But the family is a very unusual one…