Countryside 1

Saturday 4 December, 16:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 75 min.
Mladen Bundalo
22 min.

We are at Donji Garevci in May 2018. It is early morning. The smell in the air is strong and fresh, as usual.

Daniel Pérez Silva
20 min.

A village in rural Galicia. Some of the people still living there. The incessant search for beauty in everyday life, where nothing ever happens. Or does it?

19 min.

Devised to create a landscape of encounter between the vernacular and what is to come, [be e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ‘e e] is a sensory and contemplative experience involving filmic and performative co-creation on the theme of forgotten spaces and realities. A journey through wool mediated by the body and the voice of its protagonists. A process of personal transformation led by Beatriz Ballester in which the lived experience is immanent throughout their aesthetic and visual journey.

Ramazan Kilic
14 min.

Nebahat, a teacher in her 20s, has just been appointed to a rural village school in Anatolia. She realizes that her students are struggling to arrive at school, hitchhiking tractors, using whatever means they can find. She asks the Ministry of Education for a shuttle, but without a driver, the vehicle is useless. So, she decides to be the bus driver for her students but there is a small problem!