Tuesday 7 December, 18:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 53 min.
Iván Sáinz-Pardo
15 min.

Carmen is 50 years old and wants to take a life that has always turned her back. But, a message on her cell phone prevents it. Her father, with whom she has not spoken for a long time, asks her to visit him due to an urgent matter. Carmen, with nothing to lose, goes and the reunion will cause an avalanche of dramatic events that will change everything.


Bea Lozano, Juan Belmonte, Bea Lozano, Juan Belmonte
3 min.

When he woke up and managed to open his eyes, he realized that the room he was in was not the same as the one he had slept in the night before

Gwai Lou, Annabel Tiu
10 min.

This is the story of a man who realized one day that he did not like the world in which he lived and decided to build another one. A new world. That man was my father, and this, is the story of his dream.

Pablo Quijano
24 min.

Vera is not yet 18 and has lost her virginity by having cybersex. In her town, nobody looks at her as a woman. But everything can change when the possibility of being “the maidens” of the town’s festivities comes up among her group of friends. To achieve this, the mayor has to call them… but Vera has not received that call so far.