C&L 5 Palencia

Wednesday 8 December, 18:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 55 min.

Non-competitive session. Specially dedicated to short films from Palencia.

Ismael Aveleira, Marina Diez

A path through a waste land where culture is manifested between two worlds of opposites and the nature of cinema is revealed as a new fertility. Muria seeks a permanent moment within the cycles of life. A dream that is born with the self-awareness of the human being and that does not stop with the invention of writing. The illusion of the moving image transforms a funeral rite into an invocation of fertility. In the province of León (Spain) and surroundings, a muria is a set of stones that can be used to divide terms.

Colectivo Nietas / Cine De Plano
9 min.

Building the future by breaking the silences of the past, this is what three women rooted in the mining area of Barruelo de Santullán do. Participating in the creation of a film, these granddaughters give voice to the silent memories of their grandmothers.

Colectiva- Colectivo audiovisual de Barruelo de Santullán
8 min.

A woman cycles through the streets of a small village in Palencia. From the abandoned buildings with For Sale signs, there are echoes of radios or televisions warning of the serious problems of that Emptied Spain. Inhabitants of that village cross their path and a strange complicity arises between them when they touch. Each of these encounters ends with an enigmatic sentence: See you later.
The place and time of that future appointment will reveal how an entire town is capable of sensually and creatively surviving the complex problem of depopulation.

Colectivo audiovisual de Barruelo de Santullán
5 min.

A wedding dress airing in the meadow announces an ending that we do not want to have happened. The scene of a Palencian kitchen that once smelled of coal and home now makes us tremble when we recognize it as a pale trace of the emptiness that it leaves. A sewing frame with an unfinished embroidery. Old photographs. A window. A laundry room. What would you say to your grandmother, if you could, with an object, a picture and a word? From you, to me, to her is an emotional choral portrait, a poetic song, of what we are today because of those who were yesterday.

Genoveva Diaz Sañudo, Pepa Miñarro
4 min.

We present the creation of a labyrinth type Cretan as it dates from Crete in the eighth century BC and came to northern Spain with the Roman centurions, in a rural area at the foot of Mount Bernorio, which was inhabited by the Celts Cantabrians.
It combines in this space the cultivation of medicinal herbs, with permaculture designs, collection and transformation of crops. It is a path of meditation, dance, listening and work, which puts us in contact with the directions of the universe and the elements air, fire, water and earth, thus enhancing our senses.

Pablo Quijano
24 min.

Vera is not yet 18 and has lost her virginity by having cybersex. In her town, nobody looks at her as a woman. But everything can change when the possibility of being “the maidens” of the town’s festivities comes up among her group of friends. To achieve this, the mayor has to call them… but Vera has not received that call so far.