Bases 32 Aguilar Film Festival


Open call for the 32nd edition of the Aguilar Film Festival (FICA 2020); that it will take place in Aguilar de Campoo, between the days 1st and 8th of December 2020.

The participation is open to all national and international short films produced and realized from January 1st 2019.

The short film length should not be longer than 35 minutes (including credits).

The festival is open to any short films genres (fiction, animation, documental, experimental), production techniques, forms and budgets.

Short films previously submitted to other editions of the festival will not be considered. Short films will be submitted by their owners or representatives.

The owners or representatives must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images within the short films. With the submission, the applicant confirms that they posses all rights necessary for the screening of the submitted short film.


The submissions will be accepted from April 1st until September 15th, 2020.

The official platforms to apply for FICA 2020 are:

The inscription fee (to be paid by participants) will be the next:
Regular Period: from April 1st to August 16th 2020: 2 €
Extended Period: from August 17th to September 15th 2020: 5 €

The copy facilited by participants at the official platforms will be in original version. In case of the original language of any dialogue or text featured in the short film is not Spanish, the copy must be subtitled in Spanish or English.


The Selection Comittee will be composed of professionals from the audiovisual arts. They will be in charge of selecting the short films to compete in the different sections of the festival.

Applicants will be notified via e-mail about the selection of their films.

If selected, the festival may contact the representative of the film to request further materials. The screening copies of all selected films, will be sent on time and manner stipulated in this regulation

The screening format will be digital, with the next technical characteristics:

Container: .mov / mepg 4 H264 o Apple ProRess 442 Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080) Audio: Stereo AAC

All submitted short films will be in original version. If the original language is not Spanish, it will be mandatory to send Spanish or English subtitles (preferably in .srt format) or dialogue list in English. Short films selected may be screened privately to the jury or to accredited guests.

The selected films will be screened publicly during the Festival, according to a predefined schedule published in the festival official website (, and assuming that the participants authorise such screenings from the time of their registration for the Festival.


FICA 2020 will have the following sections:

  • Official section
  • Alterations
  • Castilla Leon
  • Spanish Showroom
  • MiniFica
  • ShortSchool
  • Parallel sections


In the Official Section, International and Spanish* short films concur in equal conditions, and all of them have options to win the Official Section Awards.

Any selected filmmaker will be offered at least of one night’s of accommodation in a single room to attend the screening of its film.

The Official Section will count with its own and specific International Jury, that will award the corresponding prizes independently to other sections.

* Spanish short films: Spanish productions, co-productions where the Spanish participation is over 40% and those works directed by filmmakers of Spanish nationality, regardless they have been produced by other countries.


Alterations gather all experimentations, technical innovations, formal hybridizations and other vanguardist aspects; contributing to its visibility, to promote its artist and to approach new audiovisual formulas to the spectators.


The festival will accept submission for this section to all the works that meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have been directed or produced by a person born in Castilla Leon.
  • Have been shot part (substancial part) or totally in Castilla Leon.
  • Have been produced by a production company based in Castilla Leon.
  • Have been directed or produced by a person who lives or had lived during 5 consecutive years, or 7 if are not consecutive, in Castilla Leon.

The short films selected for other sections (Official Section, Alterations and MiniFica) that meet at least one of the previous requirements, also will be able to get this award.

At the submissions moment, the participants should remark that the short film have some of the requirements to participate in this section (Castilla Leon Award). Also they will have to acreditate this condition, if the organization ask for it.

Castilla Leon will count with its own and specific Jury, that will award the corresponding prizes independently to other sections.


Spanish Showroom is a space that FICA dedicates to the Spanish production, through the dedication of full sessions to the regional catalogs of distribution, to the annual catalog of the ICAA, to Spanish film schools and to professional distributors; offering an unbeatable showcase of the most recent Spanish production within the short film.

This section will count with the Spanish Showroom Best Short Film Award.


Parallel to the FICA 2020, we open the call for Kids and Youth Short Films Competition 2020 (MINIFICA 2020).

The submission requirements for this competition are the same as the other sections (same platafforms and fees).

Three different competitions will be available at MINIFICA for international and national works:

  • Short Films for viewers aged 0+.
  • Short Films for viewers aged 3+.
  • Short Films for viewers aged 7+.

MINIFICA dispondrá de un Jurado MINIFICA propio que concederá los correspondientes premios de forma independiente al resto de las secciones.


Parallel to the FICA 2020, we open the call School Kids and Youth from Castilla y Leon Short Films Competition 2020.

The objective of this initiative is to promote and disseminate film culture among schoolchildren in our region so that they make short films showing their concerns.

Each school may send a maximum of one paper per category with a maximum length of 5 minutes. The short films will be made in digital format, Video mp4 or .mov (maximum quality) maximum 2gb and send it by wetransfer to

Also, each school may present their short film individually or in groups. In any case, the works presented must have a teacher will be responsible for each project. The submission deadline will be October 30, 2020.

CORTOESCUELA will have three contest categories:

  • Short films made by primary school students.
  • Short films made by secundary school students.
  • Short films made by high school students.


FICA 2020 complete its program with different parallel and informative sections out of competition.


Selection payment: All works, national and international, selected in the following competitive sections will receive the amount of 200 euros (including taxes):

  • Official Section
  • Alterations Section
  • Castilla y León Section
  • Spanish Showroom Section

In the case of Spanish short films, to receive the payment it will be mandatory the attendance and participation in the screening session of the selected work of a person or people directly related to the short film (direction, cast, production or others admitted by the direction of the festival).

If a short film competes in more than one section, the selection fee will not be cumulative.


  • Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best Short Film of the Festival.
  • Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best International Short Film.
  • Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best Spanish Short Film and preselection for Goya Awards).
  • Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best Animation Short Film.
  • Águila de Oro for Best Director
  • Águila de Oro for Best Actor
  • Águila de Oro for Best Actress
  • Águila de Oro for Best Script
  • Águila de Oro for Best Photography
  • Águila de Oro for Best Editing

The following prizes will also be awarded within the official section:

Águila de Oro for Best Short Film

Águila de Oro for Best Short Film

Águila de Oro for Best Short Film

Águila de Oro for Best Short Film

Águila de Oro for Best Short Film Directed by a Woman

Águila de Oro for the best Original Music

Águila de Oro for the short film that shows better social values


Águila de Oro for Best Alterations Short Film


Águila de Oro for Best Castilla Leon Short Film


Águila de Oro Best Short Film Spanish Showroom


The MiniFica Jury will award the following prizes:

  • Best Short Film IRIS +0: 200 €.
  • Best Short Film LICINIA +3: 200 €.
  • Best Short Film RENATO +7: 200 €.


CORTOESCUELA will award a prize of € 200 to each category. It will be paid to the school..

  • Best Short Films, primary category.
  • Best Short Films, secondary category.
  • Best Short Films, high school category.

A selection will be made of all the works received, which will be screened during the festival.
(See complete rules at

The decision of the Juries in each of the prizes will be final.

The winners undertake to include in subsequent screenings the mention of the award received at the 32nd Aguilar Film Festival 2020.


6. Preselección para los premios Goya

El Aguilar Film Festival colabora con la Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas de España en la preselección de candidatos a los Premios Goya a los Mejores Cortometrajes.

El cortometraje ganador del Premio al Mejor Cortometraje Español de la Sección Oficial obtendrá una preselección para los Premios Goya, siempre y cuando cumpla los requisitos establecidos en las bases de la Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España (

7. Aceptación de las bases y Ley de protección de datos

La inscripción supone la aceptación de estas bases así como de las decisiones de la organización, comité de selección y jurados. Cualquier cuestión no prevista en las bases será resuelta por la organización del festival.
La organización se reserva, de manera excepcional, el derecho de poder admitir obras que no cumplan algunos de los criterios arriba detallados.

La organización se compromete y obliga a que los datos de carácter personal pertenecientes al fichero de datos de los participantes, serán tratados conforme al artículo 12 de la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (LOPD)al