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Jure Pavlović
Wednesday 8, 20:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 68 min.


Sarajevo, rush hour. Fifteen-year-old Emir, accompanied by a social worker, is going to spend a weekend with his father Safet for a picnic at Igman, a semi-open prison. But due to heavy traffic, they are late…

Festivals and awards

European Film Awards Best Short Film 2015

Jure Pavlović

1985. Graduated in Film and Television Directing at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb. Presenting his first two short films, Half an hour for Grandma and Umbrella, at more than 50 festivals he won six awards. Piknik is awarded at the 65th Berlin IFF the Generation 14plus program and won other international awards.


Half an hour for Grandma 2010 Umbrella 2012 Piknik 2015

Production company: Sekvenca
Production: Jure Pavlović; Luka Venturin
Script: Dzejna Avdic, Jure Pavlovic
Direction: Jure Pavlovic
Cinematography: Almir Fakic
Edition: Dragan Von Petrovic
Sound: Vladimir Božić
Cast: Emir Music, Aleksandar Seksan, Senad Alihodzic