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Hendrick Dusollier
Tuesday 7, 16:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 80 min.


In one single shot, Obras proposes a poetic and graphic journey through time and space, exploring Barcelona’s wild irreversible destruction and reconstruction. In a virtual 3D space, Obras offers a plastic interpretation of urban mutations.

Festivals and awards

Trickfilm - Festival Internacional de Cine de Animación de Stuttgart (Alemania, 2006)
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Dresden (Alemania, 2005)
Lutin Short Film Awards (Francia, 2005) /Lutin para los Mejores Efectos Especiales : NoBrain (Collectif) / Lutin a la mejor música original : Jean-François Viguié
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Berlin (Interfilm) (Alemania, 2004) /Premio a la mejor animación
Message to Man (Rusia, 2004) / Centauro Certamen Primeras Películas
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Nuevas Imágenes de Roma (Arcipelago) (Italia, 2004)

Hendrick Dusollier

The visual artist Hendrick Dusollier composes the shots of his films by mixing them with shots of real views in virtual 3D spaces. His first short film, Obras, a reflection on time and memory in Barcelona’s historic neighbourhoods, won over 30 awards. Subsequently, it was a finalist at the 2006 César Awards. Alongside his art direction work, he directs and produces with his company, Studio HDK Productions, the experimental film Face, the 3D stereoscopic installation Facebox for Canal +, as well as the film, Fade to Black, which opened the Mexican festival of Guanajuato in 2007. Since 2005, he has been filming the changes taking place in China during several trips. In fact, Babel is an allegory of China today.


Last Days in Shibati
Histoire sur les Dictateurs

Production company: Autour de Minuit
Production: Nicolas Schmerkin
Script: Hendrick Dusollier
Direction: Hendrick Dusollier
Cinematography: Hendrick Dusollier
Sound: Jean-François Viguié
Music: Jean-François Viguié
Distribution: Autour de Minuit