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Lucky break

Lucky break

John Addis
Thursday 9, 18:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 78 min.


Uloaku works the graveyard shift at a dead end service station and is bored out of her mind, but a chance encounter with a suspicious stranger will soon fix that.

Festivals and awards

Bafta Awards: Nominated for Best Short Film 2021 Tallin Black Nights Film Festival 2020 Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2020

John Addis

He has worked in the film industry for over 10 years, primarily as a feature film editor and as a writer/director of low-budget short films, music promos and other commercial work. In 2008, John made a commercial as part of a contest for Doritos that he won and was broadcast internationally, after which he made virals for Lynx and several music promos. His promo for Dead Man’s Suit was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2009 Music Video Awards. In 2011, his short film Starcrossed won Best Film at the Fringe Report Awards, was nominated for Best Breakthrough Actor at RUSHES Soho and won Jury Mention at the Reed Short Film Competition. His latest short Hands Free from 2018 won Best Comedy at the Lancaster Film Festival, Reel to Real and others. His latest short film Lucky Break is finished and has been entered in upcoming festivals. This short is intended to serve as a proof of concept for the feature film Burning Down The House he is developing.

Production company: RASP Films
Production: Rami Pantoja
Script: John Addis
Direction: John Addis
Cinematography: Frank Madone
Edition: John Addis
Sound: Darrell Briggs
Music: Lewis Young
Cast: Jessye Romeo, Steve Oram, Diana Weston, Dean Kilbey, Tom Dayton