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Fun sized trouble

Fun sized trouble

Qiyu Zhou
Saturday 4, 22:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 71 min.


Fun Sized Trouble is a black comedy anthology short film composed of three standalone shorts Dinning, POV and Mommy, created by Marie Zhou and Zita Bai, united by the common theme of dealing with extremes of human behavior that’s brought out by systemic social prejudice.
Dining is the first chapter that is set in Beverly Hills, A self-serving, classist, businesswoman is confronted with her biggest fear when a resentful, anti-capitalist, homeless man publicly humiliates her with sexual harassment. POV is about a strong-minded, female submissive, named Donna is caught in the act of practicing BDSM in public by a female activist, Kim. The two get into a hectic tussle when Kim openly shames Donna for her immodest acts. Mommy is about a struggling single mom with a kid is brutally beaten up by a group of so called” New Age Chinese Feminists” when her affair with a married man is exposed by his wife.

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Qiyu Zhou

She is a Chinese film director, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles. She believes filmmaking is the most soulful language as it touches the tenderest part of the audience’s heart. Her films are marked by a fascination with redemption and the recurring themes of grief, self-forgiveness, and its aftermath. They never shy away from using explicit story exposition and daring tones to create their worlds. Qiyu is a tough cookie as she takes hard approaches to soul-purifying pieces with great entertaining values.

After graduating from Beijing Film Academy in 2010, Qiyu began her creative life as a photographer, with her work exhibited in Minneapolis and published in magazines. Now she holds two master-degrees in film directing from the prestigious American Film Institute and College of Motion Picture Arts at FSU. Qiyu was awarded as the best female director by Independent Shorts Awards. Her film, Miss Boundless was awarded the Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2021.


2021 Fun Sized Trouble, Comedy, Los Angeles
2020 Miss Boundless, Period Drama, Los Angeles
2018 The Pink Lotus, Action/Horror, Los Angeles
2017 The Colonel, Western, Los Angeles
2017 My Friend Dahmer, Romantic Thriller, Los Angeles
2016 The Koi, Action, Tallahassee
2015 Katana, Romance, Tallahassee
2014 A Helping Hand, Comedy, Tallahassee
2014 Beijing Wilderness, Comedy, Bejing

Production company: Mad Hound Production & Qiyu Zhou
Production: Rex Reyes, Zita Bai, Qiyu Zhou
Script: Qiyu Zhou, Zita Bai
Direction: Qiyu Zhou
Cinematography: Adam Leene
Edition: Luqi Zhao
Cast: Zita Bai, Jaclyn Bethany, Kelly Hancock, Mardy Ma