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Teo Planell, Alejandra Kikidis
Friday 3, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 70 min.


Álex, de diecisiete años, trabaja en el videoclub de su padre. Desde el mostrador observa la vida pasar, como cada día. Pero una tarde, Fátima, de su misma edad, entra para alquilar tres películas.

Festivals and awards

KUKI Young Short Film Festival Berlin 2021

Teo Planell

Son of filmmakers and playwrights, Teo Planell has been in the world of cinema since he was five years old when he threw himself into acting. As a director, “Ficciones” is his first professional and official work.

Alejandra Kikidis

She has made a couple of small commercials, and in the summer of 2020 she directed, wrote and starred in a feature film with Teo Planell, which is still in post-production. She is currently studying film and acting in the UK among other things.

Production company: Calabaza Films
Production: Josemari Martínez
Script: Alejandra Kikidis, Teo Planell
Direction: Alejandra Kikidis, Teo Planell
Cinematography: Roberto Fernández
Edition: Adoración G. Elipe
Sound: Julia Catalán Medina
Music: Roy Borland
Cast: Alejandra Kikidis, Teo Planell
Distribution: InOut Distribution