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And she hisses

And she hisses

And she hisses
Monica Lek
Wednesday 8, 20:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 68 min.


Two small-town lovers spend their winter drinking cheap wine, throwing darts and planning their escape to Florida. They keep forgetting the name of their favorite color Verdigris, a hypnotic green only visible when poisoned.

Festivals and awards

Drama Short Film Festival (DISFF), Best International Short Film

Monica Lek

Spanish director and photographer based in Los Angeles. At the age of 7 she went to the movies for the first time where she saw Titanic and nothing was ever the same again. Her most recent film, in which she serves as director/cinematographer, has been screened at festivals around the world and successfully premiered at festivals and theaters, winning the grand prize for best international film at the Drama Film Festival in Greece, followed by a premiere on Arte Tv. He is a member of the international cinematographers guild Local 600.




Production company: Hausred Pictures
Production: Monica Lek / Odessa Young
Script: Brantley Jones, Monica Lek
Direction: Monica Lek
Cinematography: Monica Lek
Edition: Brantley Jones, Monica Lek
Sound: Brantley Jones
Music: Black Sabbath - Changes
Cast: Odessa Young, Michael Patrick Nicholson
Distribution: ARTE TV