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A total of 37 short films will compete in the Official Section of the "Aguilar Film Festival"
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A total of 37 short films will compete in the Official Section of the “Aguilar Film Festival”

The Aguilarense City Council organizes the event, which will begin on December 3 with the delivery of the ‘Golden Eagle’ to director Javier Fesser. Until day 8 you can see 14 Spanish productions, which will each receive 300 euros as payment for selection.

23 international works from Switzerland, China, Greece, Belgium, France, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Poland, Albania, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have also been chosen.

The Department of Culture of the City of Aguilar de Campoo is already addressing the final stretch for the organization of the Aguilar Film Festival, which will begin on December 3 with the delivery of the Golden Eagle honorary award for his career to director Javier Fesser. The contest will run until day 8, and will host a total of 37 works in the Official Section.

In the XXXI edition the number of national and international works that opted for a position in the Aguilarense contest has doubled, going from 1,100 of the last edition to more than 2,500 works this year. Of these, the Selection Committee has chosen for the Official Section a total of 14 national and 23 international films from Switzerland, China, Greece, Belgium, France, Norway, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Poland Albania, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Among these pieces are films that have been seen in such important festivals as Cannes, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand, Sundance, Locarno, Venice, Toronto, Rotterdam, Nouveaus Cinemas de Montreal or Vila Do Conde.

FOURTEEN SPANISH FILMS. The Spanish short films (or directed by filmmakers from our country) that are part of the Official Section are: Hell and such by Enrique Buleo, Arenal by Rafa Alberola, Muedra de César Díaz, Meat by Camilia Kater, Woman without son by Eva Saiz , Beyond de Glacier by David Rodríguez, Bubota by Carlota Bujosa, The bewilderment of Javier Rodríguez, After also by Carla Simón, Golden legend of Ion Sosa and Chema García, City of children by Arantxa Hernández,

Metarmorphosis by Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto, Everyone seems to be far from Rafa de los Arcos and the dead of Helena de Llanos speak to us. All these works included in the Official Section will receive, for payment by selection, the amount of 300 euros.

TWENTY-THREE INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS. The Official Section also includes a broad representation of the best international short film, with 23 works. Among them are animations as bright as The physics of sorrow, Oscar nominee Theodore Ushev; Kids, from the very personal Michael Frei; Good intentions and Ties, directed respectively by Anna Mantzaris and Dina Velikovsaya, two directors who repeat at the festival; or the beautiful The kite, by Martin Smatana. Among the fictions that can be seen at the 31st Aguilar Film Festival are Lucia in Limbo, by Valentina Maurel; She-pack, by Fanny Ovesen; No heroes, by Kamil Loufti; or the short prize at Cannes She runs, by Qiu Yang, who also participated in the festival a couple of years ago with his previous work. The documentary cinema will also be well represented, with shorts as resounding as Notre territoire, by Mathieu Volpe; or the winner in Documentamadrid entitled Krähen Schiessen, by Christine Hurzeler.

A fact that stands out in this edition of the Aguilar Film Festival is the number of female filmmakers present as directors in this Official Section, a total of 18, along with 22 men.

The Aguilar de Campoo International Short Film Festival is a contest that is designed for the dissemination and enjoyment of the short film, facilitating the creation of collaborative networks within the national and international industry. Since last edition, it has opened its projection rooms to international cinema and has included, in addition to the genre of fiction, documentary, animation and avant-garde cinema.

The participation requirements for the Official Section have not been modified with respect to last year and the participation was open to all national and international pieces produced and made as of January 1, 2018, and whose duration did not exceed 35 minutes – including credits-. Pieces of different genres have been sent: fiction, animation, documentary and experimental. All this through the official platforms and

OFFICIAL JURY AWARDS. The Official Jury will grant the following awards: Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best Short Film: 1,000 euros and Galleta Gullón de Oro for Best Spanish Short Film: 1,000 euros, plus pre-selection for the Goya Awards. In addition, this year the Golden Gullon Cookie for Best Animated Short Film has been included, endowed with 500 euros; and two special jury mentions optional.

The short films of the Official Section also opt for the following awards: Golden Eagle for Best Director, Golden Eagle for Best Actor, Golden Eagle for Best Actress, Golden Eagle for Best Screenplay, Golden Eagle for Best Cinematography and Golden Eagle for the Best Assembly.

The distinctions granted by other jurors are also maintained: Public Prize -1,000 euros-, Young Jury Prize, Senior Jury, Critics Award-Cayman Film Notebooks Award, Women’s Association Award Weaving Changes to the Best National Short Directed by a Woman and Al Award.

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